The Largest Pecan Tree in Georgia

What follows, I’m told by reputable sources, is the largest pecan tree in the state of Georgia. It’s located on McMullan Family Farms, a fifth generation farm in Hartwell, just minutes from the lake.  No doubt, it’s an impressive specimen:


Supposedly, the largest pecan tree in the state of Georgia.

But, of course, how do you prove such a thing? According to the Georgia Forestry Commission’s Champion Tree Program, the largest pecan tree in Georgia is in Milledgeville, at a height of 93 feet and average crown diameter of 77 feet. It can be seen on the commission’s website.

The largest pecan tree I've ever seen

Me on the edge.

We probably all have our own, familiar champion in mind. After showing her the above picture, my girlfriend immediately said that her Aunt Billie had bigger trees in her yard in Kinderlou, outside of Valdosta.

Personally, I feel that the biggest pecan tree I’ve ever seen was in Chestnut Mountain in Hall County, located in the woods behind my great-uncle’s house. But having been hit by lightning and lying across two rises, it did not lend itself to easy measurements of size. All I can say is that the trunk was so wide, I could have crawled inside of it for 50 feet or more.

The core of the trunk had been fried by lightning into a kind of thick black loam, which my tomatoes were quite fond of. But a five gallon bucketful was heavy as hell.

What’s your champion? Where’s the largest pecan tree you’ve seen in Georgia? Maybe we can settle this.


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