Spring Rains

With images of that splendiferous rainbow from last Saturday popping up on Facebook profiles and other corners of the internet, I thought it might be a good time to take a quick look at the weather forecast for the Southeast:

Spring Flood Risk 2010

Courtesy: NOAA

Quite different from the last few years, no? I swear, with all the rain in the past six months or so, living in North Georgia has almost been like an out-of-body experience. It’s hard to imagine that not that long ago, some folks here were literally praying for divine intervention on behalf of our pitiful reservoirs. Now worries about full pools and downstream flooding carry the headlines.

Still, too much rain is preferable to too little. Not to be insensitive to those who suffered flooding last fall, but I’ll happily accept dire meteorological prognostications as long as the daffodils are in bloom.

Seriously, that was a great rainbow last weekend in its own right. But it felt like the final relief of a long and and dismal winter. Spring is finally here.

The proverbial picture of excitement:

Twin Rainbow, Gainesville, GA

It really has been a long winter.

Of course, I would be completely remiss if I mentioned water and Georgia and forgot to plug the Georgia River Network’s blog: Georgia Water Wire.


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