Montgomery’s Hampstead Farms Needs Manager

Town of Hampstead On-Site Farm

One of the core missions of Farmer South is to communicate–and hopefully increase–sustainable farming opportunities in the Southeast. Don’t get me wrong, I love that there’s an abundance of progressive agricultural positions in the Northeast and West. But I read the listings on the Greenhorns’ blog and the National Sustainable Agricultural Commission’s blog with a bit of jealousy and spitefulness. What’s wrong with the South? Why can’t these things happen here, where I choose to live?

Well, little by little, they are. And with this first advertisement for help, I’m passing on that good news. While a temporary manager has been hired, the New Urbanist Hampstead residential development in Montgomery, Alabama is still looking for a permanent manager for its on-site farm.

From the Sustainable Food Jobs entry:

Hampstead Farm is a traditional neighborhood development in Montgomery, Alabama that includes a multi-acre farm with barn facility known as Hampstead Farms.  The farm is seeking a farm manager who embraces and uses sustainable farming practices […].

Duties and Responsibilities:

Agricultural Production

  • Planning and production of organic produce, flowers, and herbs on our urban farm
  • Marketing organically-grown produce, flowers, and herbs at a local farmers marker, to local restaurants (including restaurants within the development) and grocery stores ensuring a high level of quality control
  • Developing and managing a CSA for the local community
  • Running on-site farm stand, including purchasing of wholesale products for resale
  • Manage on-site composting, and potential small-scale egg production, and other livestock
  • Upkeep of farm equipment and infrastructure
  • Farm cultivation using tractor, tiller, and hand tools


  • Oversee interns, volunteers, and program participants in regards to production activities


  • Organizing students and volunteers to help with production
  • Teaching organic gardening classes
  • Assistance in planning future expansions
  • Collaborating with local elementary school to develop ‘Farm to School’ program


  • Keeping records of crop plans and market sales
  • Writing grants for production research and education programs


  • Being a team player
  • Organizing seasonal  public events


  • Commensurate with experience
  • Health insurance
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Educational opportunities
  • Paid vacation

Please send resumes to Edwin Marty:

or PO Box 55357, Birmingham, AL 35255

Apply, apply! And please pass on other great food- and farm-related jobs in the South.


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