Strawberries Galore at Ambrose Farm

If you happen to be in the Lowcountry in the next week or two or plan on spending a getaway weekend in Charleston, be sure to stop by St. John’s Island for fresh, organic strawberries from Ambrose Farm. Word is they’re teeming with the juicy little suckers, at $2 per pound or $1.80 if you happen to be a CSA member.

I received this message from the Save Ambrose Farm! Facebook group:

For all those in the Charleston area, Farmer Pete is in dire need of people to come u-pick strawberries! They are ripening by the ton every day, and will all go to waste if they’re not picked! They’re super-cheap, organic as always, and it’s a great time visiting the farm and picking them (and kicking up a little dust, LOL!)

In case you’re interested, that parenthetical aside refers to a little brouhaha between the farm and its recent neighbor, former NASCAR driver Ernie Irvan, who complained rather litigiously about the dust “u-pickers” were kicking up on his new horse barn on their way to the strawberries. The Charleston City Paper does a fine job of summarizing the events, with a valid defense of Irvan’s point of view (see comments as well.)

The best way to get in touch with the farm and find directions is to call the Stono Farm Market at 843 559 9999.


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