Dirt Department

Still growing! Folks, I just wanted you to know that there’s a good reason for the long lapse in content, and I am still alive and thriving–albeit without a strong internet connection and with spottier cell service. As I posted earlier, I’ve taken up residence on Cumberland Island, where I am the vegetable gardener extraordinaire for the Greyfield Inn. Partial disconnection from the outside world is just part of the deal, but the trade-off is worth it: pristine beaches, semi-exotic wildlife and skies to take your breath away. Plus, it’s almost Thanksgiving and I didn’t wear shoes today.

Greyfield Beach, Cumberland Island

I am now writing on another site, which covers the trials, tribulations and adventures of growing broccoli in sand and semi-tropical heat. While the Dirt Department is getting the majority of my attention at the moment, I have hardly forgotten about Farmer South. In fact, I just returned from a Georgia Organics conference on stimulating the local food system in South Georgia; I’m armed with copious notes; and I’m ready to dig in.

I’ll add a link to the Dirt Department site in the form of the picture of the wild horses on the sidebar. But it’s also great to be back in the South.


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